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As with all of the studies that I have edited, it is my ongoing privilege to compile this study online from my friend and mentor Bob Conway.  The book of Revelation is fascinating as it is the best glimpse of what still lay ahead for us as Christians as well as the the future of all of humanity.  It is my experience that every time a disaster occurs in the world that there is a renewed interest in Bible prophecy.  In uncertain times people seek out the certainty that can only be found in God.  I believe that it is a very safe bet that this will only continue with the passage of time.

Revelation is broken into three parts – what has happened, what is now, and what will take place.  While most of the book focuses on the future, I have divided things up into these three sections.  With most of the pages of this study focused on the future (and rightfully so), the format that I have used for most of Bob’s Bible studies doesn’t work as well.  Instead, if you click on the links at the top of this page you’ll find an outline of each section with appropriate links to that material.  If you just follow the posts below, you’ll actually read the study backwards.

What you’ll find in this study is an extensive look at the imagery of Revelation as well as possibly explanations of what the apostle John saw.  While some allegorize the images of Revelation which can be used to twist the images into meaning almost anything, this study uses as literal of an interpretation as possible.  Where there is clear historic reasoning for interpreting an image in a certain way, the explanation is given.

Perhaps the most important section of this study is not in giving the meaning of various events and images but instead it is found in the introductory section.  We are all implored to be like like the Bereans of Acts 17.  Rather than just accept Paul’s word on what scripture said, they studied it for themselves and verified it to be true.  The introduction to Revelation will give a student of the Bible the tools to interpret the book on their own instead of just giving one interpretation of Revelation.

One last note: There are some words in the text that may look like gibberish.  These are Greek and Hebrew words that don’t translate properly to an online format.  Where it makes sense to remove them I have but occasionally you’ll see words that just look like random letters.  Unless you read Greek or Hebrew it probably doesn’t matter what language the gibberish is in. 🙂

Begin Unsealing Revelation

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