The Seven Dooms

THE SIXTH DIVISION OF REVELATION is the Seven Dooms. It is a parenthesis since the seven dooms cover chapters seventeen through twenty. Many fine expositors disagree on the details of the Book of Revelation and no one can state with absolute certainty the answers to the following questions until the last days:

1. Are there two Babylons in chapters seventeen and eighteen?
2. Are there two geographical locations for Babylon?
3. Are they representative of two different systems?
4. Are there two literal cities or are they the same?

The approach taken in this study is that chapter seventeen describes the doom of Babylon as a religious entity (Ecclesiastical Babylon) and in chapter eighteen, Babylon ends as an economic kingdom (Political-Commercial Babylon). Chapter nineteen contains three parentheses within the main parenthesis on Christ the King, and chapter twenty returns to the theme of doom for five additional parties after announcing the Millennial Kingdom.

Chapter seventeen speaks of religious Babylon, the super-church of Satan. It is hated by the kings of the earth and destroyed by them (Revelation 17:16). The political and commercial Babylon is loved by the kings of the earth. They are shocked at her demise, for she is destroyed by the judgments of God (Revelation 18:8-19).

That Babylon might be rebuilt in no way contradicts Isaiah 13:19-22, where God states that Babylon will never again be inhabited. The ancient site (already seven to nine miles from the Euphrates River) is not to be built upon, but a new Babylon could be built at a new site as was done with Jericho and Tyre. The predictions in Jeremiah 50-51, concerning Babylon are about the city destroyed in Revelation 18. At this time, it is not paramount to identify the great city that rules over the kings of the earth as Rome, Jerusalem or Rebuilt Babylon. Satan’s capital of the world like Nebuchadnezzar’s magnificent Babylon is destined to become a hole-in-the wall.

God revealed in the dream of dreams to king Nebuchadnezzar that his Babylon (604-562 B.C.) would be the greatest world kingdom up to the Millennium Kingdom. It was the greatest because King Nebuchadnezzar had absolute rule in the world; no king, since then, has ever had absolute authority and power. The Antichrist will come close in the Great Tribulation, but Christ will intervene and put an end to his reign.

Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon was wealthy and many people groups were amalgamated into its society. The city itself was the cradle of false religion with Satan working behind the scenes. The Neo-Babylon age may be properly designated as a religious age. There were four-thousand gods in the Babylon pantheon. These gods went through many changes in name, function and prominence through wars and mystical events over the course of history. Thus, the Babylonian mystery religion survived and permeated every nation to some degree and it will be resurrected to its “glory” in the last days.

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