The Silence in Heaven

THE LAMB OPENS THE SEVENTH SEAL (8:1). When he opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.

Historicists identify the silence as the time the 144,000 are sealed along with the destruction of Jerusalem when no complaints in heaven are heard.

Preterists see the silence as no more complaints being heard in heaven.

Idealists view heaven in awestruck silence, anticipating the completion of God’s purposes. The silence in heaven is the lull before the storm.

Futurists hold the silence may be compared with the silence before the foreman of a jury reports the verdict.
The seventh seal is not a judgment but the commencement of another chain of God and the Lamb’s wrath.

Within this seal is contained the seven trumpets and seven bowl judgments (Revelation 8:2-19:10). The silence is the quiet before the storm (cf. 8:5); like a Sabbath pause.

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