What Will Take Place Later

What will take place later is a breakdown of all that was yet future when John received the book of Revelation.  Depending on ones interpretation, these events are still future or they have been fulfilled throughout history and may still be occurring today.

This section is the longest and covers Revelation 4 through the end of the book.

The Throne of God
The Seven Sealed Scroll and the Lamb
The Lamb Opens Six Seals

The Tribulation Saints
The Sealed of Israel
The Great Multitude
The Silence in Heaven
The Seven Angels with Seven Trumpets

The Three Woes Announced
The First Woe
The Second Woe
The Angel and the Little Scroll
The Second Half of the Tribulation
The Temple
The Two Witnesses
The Third Woe
The Seven Personages

The War in Heaven and the War on Earth
The Two Beasts
The Lamb and the 144,000
The Three Angels
The Harvest of the Earth
The Seven Angels and the Seven Last Plagues
The Seven Bowls

The Seven Dooms
The Ecclesiastical Babylon

The Political-Commercial Babylon
The Wedding of the Lamb
The Return of Christ with the Armies of Heaven
The Great Supper of God
The Millennial Kingdom

The Eternal State
The Holy City, The New Jerusalem
The Coming of Christ

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